“Ahakoa he iti he pounamu”

Although it is small, it is something precious and treasured from the heart

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How do I apply the being my best principles as a parent?

On the “Being My Best” website click on my YouTube videos that explain some of the strategies. See Resilience Videos

Can a parent sign up for this programme or is it only for Teachers?

Currently, only teachers are able to train as a Being My Best facilitator so they can facilitate the programme in the school they teach.

How do I get my child’s school interested in running this programme for my child?

Direct your school Principal, DP and SENCO teacher to the Being My Best website to see the skills, strategies and benefits of the programme.

I am a teacher, how does my school get the Being My Best programme for the children in our school?

School management makes contact through the Being My Best website to see when they can train a teacher in their school to become a Facilitator. Once a teacher has completed the three-day training they are certified to take the Being My Best programme in the school where they teach.

When a teacher is a certified Being My Best facilitator, how long before they need to do a refresher course to remain certified?

Teachers are required to complete a one-day refresher course every two years to remain certified.

If a Being My Best facilitator changes schools can they teach the programme in their new school?

Yes, they can teach the Being My Best programme in their new school after notifying Being My Best Ltd and putting Safe and Best Practices and procedures in place.

What is the minimum and maximum number of teachers you require to facilitate a Being My Best Facilitator's training?

A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 teachers.

Do you provide the Being My Best Facilitator's teacher trainings all over New Zealand?

Yes. Please refer to the Schools Terms and Conditions & then make a General Enquiry.

When are the Being My Best Facilitator's trainings held?

Currently, the three-day training is held in the April and July term holidays.

What year levels are the Being My Best programme targeting?

The programme is suited for children from Year 1 – Year 8.

Where can I purchase a Being My Best children's workbook?

Schools order the workbooks directly from Being My Best for those children participating in the Being My Best programme.