“Ahakoa he iti he pounamu”

Although it is small, it is something precious and treasured from the heart

The Being My Best Programme

What is it all about?

Kia ora and welcome to the Being My Best programme. My name is Sue Lyon, I am the programme developer of  “Being My Best” and I have been in the education sector for more than 30 years.

I have a great passion for children’s education, especially having seen how vulnerable many of our children are. Further, I have long-noted a need for supporting schools, teachers and parents/caregivers with effective tools that build resilience and confidence and reduce anxiety in our tamariki. This is particularly essential given our rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

This programme teaches specific strategies that build resilience and ways to cope with new, worrying and/or difficult situations, which are both useful in our educational sector and skills that can be carried into our whānau and home environment.

Empowering tamariki with resilience, coping strategies and positive ways to develop their character, is crucial to the successful development of the individual, whānau, community and the Nation as a whole.

“One in five young New Zealanders will be affected by depression by the age of eighteen. Almost one in five meets the criteria for an anxiety disorder by age nineteen.”

Being My Best Work Books

Children's Evaluations of the Being My Best Programme

Child 9 yrs

I felt great, happy and myself when I participated in the Being My Best programme.

The programme has helped me because I’m not worried and anxious like I used to be. I’m more confident to try new things, I’m happier at school, I have more helpful thoughts, I feel calmer and can cope better.

I am more positive and not as angry and I get on better with my friends.

Child 9yrs

I was happy and excited when I was doing the Being My Best programme with Mrs Lyon.

I now feel more confident, and calmer, I have more helpful thoughts and feel more positive.

I don’t worry like I used to which makes me happy and I know what strategies I can use to help me cope and feel more confident in different or new situations.

Child 8 yrs

I felt excited, good and confident when I was working with Mrs Lyon in the Being My Best programme.

I know what strategies to use to calm myself and cope better when I’m worried and frustrated.

I feel happier and more positive, I get on with my friends better, and I’m not as angry and more resilient when things are difficult.

Child 11 yrs

I was really nervous when I first went into the Being My Best programme but now I feel really good, awesome and much better.

I am a lot more confident and calmer, I am trying new things because I use the resilience strategies to help me. I am more positive because I think lots of helpful thoughts.

I don’t feel angry like I used to and I’m kinder to my friends.

The Programme

Being My Best

Many of the skills and techniques taught in the Being My Best programme are associated with the following four areas.





The programme teaches children skills such as:

  • Understanding emotions in themselves and others.
  • Recognising the signs of worrying, anxiety and body clues.
  • How to regulate their emotions to help self-manage.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Understanding how thoughts affect feelings and behaviour.
  • How to change their unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts.
  • Problem-solving and positive coping strategies.
  • Positive friendships and coping with bullying and peer pressure.
  • Using the strategies to help themselves and others.

Become a Facilitator

Being My Best Group Teaching


How do I get my child’s school interested in running this programme for my child?

Direct your school Principal, DP and SENCO teacher to the Being My Best website to see the skills, strategies and benefits of the programme.

I am a teacher, how does my school get the Being My Best programme for the children in our school?

School management makes contact through the Being My Best website to see when they can train a teacher in their school to become a Facilitator. Once a teacher has completed the three-day training they are certified to take the Being My Best programme in the school where they teach.

Can a parent sign up for this programme or is it only for Teachers?

Currently, only teachers are able to train as a Being My Best facilitator so they can facilitate the programme in the school they teach.

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