“Ahakoa he iti he pounamu”

Although it is small, it is something precious and treasured from the heart


School Principals

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue Lyon for over 15 years. I have worked alongside her in a range of capabilities; a professional colleague, a classroom teacher and most recently a well-regarded facilitator of a very successful programme that builds resilience and confidence in children. The programme also supports whānau to work together so that everyone’s well-being is nurtured.

Sue is a woman of exceptional integrity, is tremendously dedicated to the work she does and has a very compassionate approach that helps tamariki and whānau feel very safe in her presence. Sue is experienced, open and honest, and will work tirelessly to ensure the tamariki and whānau needs are met so that they can independently help themselves now and in the future.

Sue continues to put her heart and soul into a programme she knows makes a difference. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the work that Sue does and would have her in my school any day. Sue has a proven track record, she gathers data throughout the programme so she knows that
she is addressing the needs of the tamariki she works with.

The positive outcome of her work has meant Sue is constantly in demand across many schools in the Waikato.

Tania Morrison
Principal Tainui Full Primary Tokoroa


Sue’s resilience programme has made a positive difference to a huge number of students at Cambridge Primary School. The programme encourages students to have the confidence to utilise different strategies which ultimately give them the power to seek positive outcomes in situations that they find difficult or challenging.

Through many years experience of working with children, Sue has developed an excellent programme that teaches our tamariki healthy ways to feel happier and build a more positive life. I highly recommend this programme to any school which would like to improve the hauora/well-being of their students to enable them to grow into kind, confident, responsible and successful adults.

Mike Pettit
Cambridge Primary Principal


Sue has been working with the students of Leamington School for many years to help support children to develop resilience and navigate the turbulent social years of childhood with skills and confidence through the tools she equips them with.

The feedback from teachers and parents alike has been nothing but praiseworthy and the impact of her skills and programme have had a noticeable impact.

If we could expand the programme to be inclusive of all students across our school every year, we would embrace it without hesitation. Her work is reaching across generations and changing lives for the better. Ka maranga te ra!

Mike Malcolm
Leamington School Principal


Sue has been an integral part of the success of this programme. Having worked closely with her for the past 5 years I fully endorse her as a facilitator as well as the programme.

This programme provides our tamariki with many skills and strategies required to manage themselves as well as provide positive outcomes for their future.

The impact of this programme has been felt amongst many of our tamariki as well as their wider whanau members as Sue prioritise them to be part of the programme facilitation by providing whanau workshops delivering key concepts and tools for them to use with other members of the whanau group.

This programme is one I highly recommend to any school or group looking to provide skills for life.

Sunny West
Kihikihi School Principal


My son’s behaviour has really improved at home and is stopping and thinking before he does things. He is more helpful, kind and thinks more about others, especially our neighbour’s little boy. He was always anxious about going to school and he didn’t want to go. Now he gets up early and loves going to school. He is talking a lot more positively and we are so happy to see these changes. Thank you for letting him participate in the Being My Best programme.

My son is a lot calmer at home and is coping much better with different and stressful situations, which we have had a lot of lately. He is showing more empathy towards me and his sister. I see him using the resilience strategies such as slow breathing and having a quiet time to help control his aggressive behaviour.

My son is a lot more confident and very helpful at home. I’m praising him a lot more and he now does things without me asking again and again. He is now speaking more about his feelings and is opening up more. This has really helped reduce his angry outbursts and frustrations.
The Being My Best programme is making my job much easier as a parent and I want to thank you, Mrs Lyon, from me, for teaching my son these skills and helping him so much in his life.

My daughter was extremely anxious about coming to school and would not cope if a situation was new or different to what she was expecting. She was put into the Being My Best resilience programme at school so she could learn resilience strategies to help reduce her anxiety and gain confidence in herself. As she went through the programme and with support from the facilitator, her anxiety slowly started to reduce.

The parent meetings were so helpful because we as parents learnt the same resilience strategies, so we could support her at home and use the strategies ourselves. She now knows how to regulate her feelings, focus on positive things around her and change her unhelpful thinking into helpful thoughts. She is a lot calmer at home and growing in confidence to manage herself and what strategies to use, so she can cope better. We can’t thank you enough for helping our family so much.

My daughter has always had a nasty streak in her but since starting the Being My Best programme with Mrs Lyon, she is now kinder and more loving. Her and I are getting on a lot better and we argue less. Her attitude has changed, she is now more helpful and co-operates better at home. She is much less anxious when something is worrying her.

I have changed too. I am taking more responsibility in parenting her and I find the Parenting Tips and Information extremely helpful. She now has more friends at school and is fitting in better. She is contributing more in group and class discussions whereas before she would say nothing. She is coping better with life, is a lot happier and I am delighted with the changes she has made since being involved in this resilience programme with Mrs Lyon.

My daughter seems a lot calmer since she has been involved in the Being My Best programme at school. Instead of throwing a tantrum at home, she’ll go off to her room and have a quiet time there without me even asking. She has settled down a lot more at school this year and is enjoying being there. She is just so much calmer and more confident than before.

My daughter is now speaking up for herself at home rather than just standing there and saying nothing. She is choosing to go off to her room to calm down instead of hitting her brothers. She is more helpful around home and shows more confidence in herself. She is loving her soccer this year and is really participating in the game much more than before, with such confidence. Participating in the Being My Best programme has made a huge difference in her life.


Child 9 yrs

I felt great, happy and myself when I participated in the Being My Best programme.

The programme has helped me because I’m not worried and anxious like I used to be. I’m more confident to try new things, I’m happier at school, I have more helpful thoughts, I feel calmer and can cope better. I am more positive and not as angry and I get on better with my friends.


Child 10 yrs

I felt very calm, happy, confident and great when I participated in the Being My Best programme.

It has helped me so much because I now feel happier, more confident, calmer, and I can cope better. I know how to change my thoughts into more helpful thoughts. I use the strategies to independently manage my feelings. I get on better with my friends and don’t get as angry and frustrated as I used to.


Child 8 yrs

I felt great, happy and myself when I was in the Being My Best programme.

I now try new things because I have strategies to use that help me. I am happier at school and I’m more resilient and don’t get as frustrated and give up like I used to.


Child 11 yrs

I felt happy, great and confident when I participated in the Being My Best programme.

The programme has helped me because I am more confident, I can cope better when I am worried, and I’m calmer because I have strategies to use that help me. I’m not as angry, more resilient and I use the strategies to independently manage myself better.


Child 9 yrs

I was happy and excited when I was doing the Being My Best programme with Mrs Lyon.

I now feel more confident, and calmer, I have more helpful thoughts and feel more positive. I don’t worry like I used to which makes me happy and I know what strategies I can use to help me cope and feel more confident in different or new situations.


Child 8 yrs

I felt excited, good and confident when I was working with Mrs Lyon in the Being My Best programme.

I know what strategies to use to calm myself and to cope better when I’m worried and frustrated. I feel happier, more positive, I get on with my friends better, I’m not as angry and more resilient when things are difficult.


child 10 yrs

I felt very happy and more confident when I was doing the Being My Best programme.

I am really using the strategies and feel so much happier, calmer, and more confident, I have more helpful thoughts, I’m not as angry and frustrated, I get on better with my friends and I am more resilient and don’t give up so easily. I don’t worry like I used to which is so great. I’ve made new friends and I’m much kinder to people.


Child 11 yrs

I was really nervous when I first went into the Being My Best programme but now I feel really good, awesome and much better.

I am a lot more confident and calmer, I am trying new things because I use the resilience strategies to help me. I am more positive because I think lots of helpful thoughts. I don’t feel angry like I used to and I’m kinder to my friends.