“Ahakoa he iti he pounamu”

Although it is small, it is something precious and treasured from the heart

Become a Facilitator

Find out how?

The school Principal or Deputy Principal make initial contact with Being My Best Ltd.

A meeting through Zoom is set up to discuss the Terms and Conditions and how the programme is implemented in the school.

Teachers chosen by management to train as a Facilitator are required to fill out “Enquire About Becoming a Facilitator” and then a Zoom meeting is held with the teacher and Being My Best Ltd. Teachers must meet the criteria outlined in the School Terms and Conditions, to train as a Facilitator. The school Principal signs the School Terms and Conditions and emails the document to Being My Best Ltd.

The date of the Being My Best Facilitator’s training is confirmed and payment is made by the school. See School Terms and Conditions for payment.

Once a teacher has completed the three-day Facilitator’s training they are then certified to teach the Being My Best programme in the school they teach.

Programme Outline

Enquire about becoming a Facilitor

Please read our terms & conditions as a guideline for personal qualities & experience.